Rag Rug – The Rising Action

My foot now fits! Progress.

For the rag rug project, I made a tension frame by taking some used cardboard boxes, taping them together the width of the hallway I want to cover with this rag rug and cutting notches every half inch. I then made a warp (the part that goes up and down) out of some purple craft string. My biggest concern while putting together my temporary frame was that it would not be strong enough to keep tension in my string warp.

The keyword here, as you may or may not have guessed, is the tension.

Dun dun duuuuuunnnnnnnnnnn.

First, let me say that the cardboard frame is getting the job done. Second, my hypothesis — because art is, in factual opinion, highly related to science — has proven true, but not quite. Let me explain.

As I add in weft (the horizontally bits made of old T-Shirts), the tension increases on the warp (the purple string).

See below for my technical diagram:

The Diagram of Technical Glory

In the beginning, I weighed down the string with my lunch box, my rag basket, a tissue box, my foot, etc., because the warp was entirely too loose. Now, I have the cardboard frame slide half-underneath a couch to help keep the string pushed down.

Holding warp down with a couch

Technical weaving experts, please laugh with me. The internet may laugh with me too. I am certainly laughing. The good news though is that my rug will not be too loose, so that is one problem solved.

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