Dino-Dragon’s basic form. S/he still needs arms.

Needle Felting: In-Progress

The Dino-Dragon

Last year I received an amazing Christmas gift from a dear friend. I fully intended to return the favor with something handmade. Well. Christmas came and went and I bought her a video game in March. This year I will do better. Behold, the Dino-Dragon. Half dragon and half dino, this felt creation is going through an identity crisis that I shall pass on to my friend to solve. Because friendship.

Weaving: In-Progress

Rag Rug

I have entirely too many cotton t-shirts with too many associated memories to actually part with. Art is therefore the solution. Plus, it shall result in warmer toes in the coming winter, should I ever finish it.

Began Sept 2019. Let us see how long this takes…..

Link to Rag Rug blog post

Project Ideas

  • Cabinet from pre-existing bookshelf
  • DIY photobook
  • Simple loom