Lady Cluckington

is my glazed hen. I went to one of those you paint it places where you select out a piece of pottery and go to town on it with glaze. There is a studio fee and the price of the pottery you select.

I have been several times over several years and I am always torn on what to object to select. This weekend my dear hen called to me. We are cluckmates.

She will be done with her spa day (a.k.a. the kiln) by next Saturday, but in the meantime let me tell you about the Legend.

Lady Cluckington
Lady Cluckington the Fierce

Lady Cluckington comes from humble beginnings, as all good story figures tend to do. Spying her from the front, she looks normalish in that her colors can be found in nature. However, Lady Cluckington takes no prisoners. If you look on her back, you will see a lovely waffle tattoo. This is a taunt to all the hunters.

To provide better contexts, several of my friends were painting foxes. Lady Cluckington wanted to let them know that while they think she might go well with waffles, they could only ever look and never ever taste. He who declares he cannot draw liked the story and bequeathed upon her the name Lady Cluckington. The fierce Lady found the name apropros and accepted the epithet.

Lady Cluckington wants you to know several more things. She can take down wolves as well as foxes. One of her glaze colors is tiger tail and she likes to imagine by transitive properties of totemism, she has the balance of a tiger embodied in the swiftness and killer intent of a hen. Please make sure to compliment her plumage after the spa. It was carefully applied in layers and the affect should be layers of color or a fierce brown. Either way, she expects compliments. All the haters will be as soundly plucked as the foxes and wolves.

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