Hookin’ Blankets for Friends

A few months ago, I picked up my crochet hooks again and made a lap blanket. Well, a friend of mine saw it. For the purpose of this blog and for her privacy, I shall call her…The Whisper. She looked at the blanket, looked at me, looked at the blanket, looked at me. This sequence repeated a few more times and then she asked the fateful question I was waiting for: can you make me one?

Hell yes I can. Challenge Accepted.

The Whisper picked out her yarn colors and left the pattern up to my discretion. I love a good friendship that respects creative license.

The blanket will fit a twin size bed, following the above color patterns. The whole thing is not drawn out, but it captures the essence of my idea.

I am working two strands of yarn at once using a double stitch. The pattern is simple and repetitive, but the length of each instance will cause complexity. I want to viewer to be calmed by the orderliness of the pattern, but challenged at the same time with how colors overlap and play with each other.

Anyway, that is today’s project progress. I at the part where the red and black are overlapping.

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