What on earth does “scurryfunge” even mean?

Scurryfunge is the act of cleaning your house frantically at the last minute as your guest approaches.

What is with the name of your blog?

The story is this: A group of friends and I were exchanging our favorite words. My competitor/friend Amy — which may or may not be her actual name, you must live with the mystery — blurts out that her favorite word is scurryfunge. Well. The rest of us had opinions and confusions, but we eventually settled on the ever mature “WHHHAAAaaaaaaaaaa??????????”

Amy repeats back, “Scurryfunge.”

We repeat our confusion. She laughs and takes pity by further elaborating that “scurryfunge is the act of frantically cleaning your house as your guests approach up the driveway.”

Amazing. My world changed. For one, I comprehended again how amazing languague in general is for having words to define situations like that. For a second, thank you English for being useful as a language and containing such marvels. And third, thank you older generations for understanding my life. I feel a connection with history and present reality. Also, scurryfunge is simply a ridiculous word and therefore I love it.

For the record, I chose the word defenestrate as my verbal candidate. Defenestrate means to throw something out a window. I still find this to be an amazing word. But. The shock value of the word scurryfunge and the neat little niche it fills in the English vernacular pleases my soul deeply. Thus, “More Fun Than Scurryfunge” exists as my blog title. I hope you enjoyed this answer as it rattles around in your brain, forever acting upon your subconcious with little whispers of “scurryfunge, scurryfunge, defenestrate, scurrfunge.” You are welcome.