En Plein Air

This will be the first official blog post for my website. Everything in terms of learning how to make website has been leading up to this moment. Enjoy it. Savor it. Look at the pictures and leave a picture.

For today’s art session, I drove out to a state park with a backpack full of art supplies that I, in all honestly, grabbed rather at random from my art drawer.

The Materials

These are the supplies that I ended up using once I got there. For the record, the mason jar was a spontaneous decision made seconds before I walked out the door. I filled it with water before I left, completely overlooking the fact that I was visiting a lake and/or had access to water fountains. Miraculously, it did not spill even a little. The rubber lining on the lids are amazing, amazing things.

I worked in my sketchbook. I began with the marker then onto the watercolor Admittedly, the paper was not meant for watercolor, but I enjoyed the challenge of a drier brush. As I worked on the lake water, the paper started to pill, but I will argue that added texture and thickness to the paint. Fight me.

Honestly, how the paper reacted inspired me to start thickening up the pigment on the page.


For the trees, I used red for my shading to add depth to the trees. And brown, which is really just a mix of all the colors anyway, and thus the ultimate collection of complimentary colors.

I did commit the sin that my art teacher would sigh over by adding in black. It was actually unintentional as I did not know what all my colors in the watercolor palette were by looking at it. However, that is my fault for not testing out the colors ahead of time. But eh. This was simply meant to be a fun afternoon out in the sun. And it was until the ants started biting.

The Scene

For the record, here is the scene I was working from. I especially loved the shadowy part of the lake directly underneath the trees.

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