Ben Day Dots

This post is inspired by two things: 1. my mention of complimentary colors in my En Plein Air post and 2. photo editing.

Since making this website, I have learned how to edit photos on my phone. Hooray! In the course of figuring out how that works, I discovered that my “Halftone” app, which I never use, is usable from the phone’s photo editor. Game. Changer.

Above is my doodle from today, made of pen and purple highlighter.

Below is my doodle from today, made of pen and purple highlighter, plus ben day dots from the app.

For a detailed, well-researched account of the history of Ben Day dots, and its differences from other art dots, click the link for Legion of Andy’s Blog.

To bring the post full circle, I love the idea of George Seurat’s color theory of placing complimentary colors next to each other to create vibrancy by having the colors “vibrate” next to each other. From what I can remember, this concept was later poo poo’d by other color theorists. However, the act of using a collection of different color dots to compose an image remains. Hell, to even view anything on a screen, we have the pixel. Which opens up another can of worms for another day of color theory in pigments vs. color theory in the light spectrum, and all the related science of how the eye perceives.

And thus, my humble bird doodle sketch now has dots.

2 thoughts on “Ben Day Dots”

  1. Love the dots!
    Any app which adds lovely dots to pictures gets my app-roval.
    I continue to make a distinction between true Ben Day dots and halftone dots, though… not really the same thing.
    Though they can look very similar indeed…
    and after the mid-1950s the ‘classic’ comic books–like the ones Roy Lichtenstein appropriated his pictures from–did actually make their so-called ‘Ben Day’ dots by a method involving halftone screens… of course they weren’t REAL Ben Day dots…
    heh heh…!
    Anyway thanks a lot for the link to my web pages at LegionOfAndy.
    The Legion salutes you!

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