This blog/website is a repository of my processes and what nots.

When something breaks, my family turns to me to fix it. I learned most of my real life problem solving skills in art class. The only problem is that much like the act of scurryfunge hides the mess of life, I accidentally on-purpose hid all the learning moments – AKA big ass mistakes – that are part of the process of fixing, making, creating, etc. etc.

I have since decided that revealing the mayhem is more fun.

Website Set-up

Dear visitor, I have a blog. That is where all the real action is at. I also made an index of blog posts because it personally drives me crazy when I have to hunt for content solely through tags and other such nonsense. Agree or disagree, the index will be there.

The projects page is where you will find some photos of art in progress, and eventually, if my disciplined soul is able to commit, maybe even some complete work too.

A pretty sketch to look at

Honorable Mention

This website, much like my projects, is also a work in progress. Just the act of working on it everyday is inspiring and generating many ideas. I look forward to seeing how it grows. However, this is my fancy way of saying treat it like the aisles at a grocery store. Feel free to get attached, but do not be all that surprised if the rhyme and reason of how anything is organized changes suddenly and without warning.

Next Steps…

I’m sure I will put a donate button or something here. For now, enjoy the in-progress nature of my new website.